Grimaud Freres:

"The vocation of GRIMAUD FRERES SELECTION is the genealogical genetic selection, the reproduction and the marketing of healthy animals equipped with the best potential in order to meet the needs for the dies for production."

"The company selects ducks since nearly 40 years and occupies today a place of leader on this market. With the son of the years the range widened with coloured geese, rabbits, pigeons, chickens and guinea fowls.
The research tasks and development undertaken without slackening by our teams ensure the permanent improvement of the products. On the ground, the technical support of proximity ensured by our technicians is the pledge of a total engagement of the company to the service of the success of our customers and partners.

"Certified ISO 9001 since 1995, our organisation ensures you continuous sanitary rigour and permanent control of the physical quality of our products allowing full expression of the animal's genetic potential."

Headquarter in Roussay (Western France), close to city of Nantes
- 8 subsidiaries in France.
- A network of subcontractors around the world.
- R&D facilities.
- Subsidiaries for local breeder productions.

Grimaud Frè